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Read BFBLHR Director, Rachel Burns', monthly column in Tidewater Women about what's in season, where to get it and recipes for what to do with it. 

"Selling local has become a viable business proposition – no longer just a labor of love or a feel-good venture. These operators are starting up at a more rapid pace and watching sales climb as a result of their local flavor. Some are breaking even or making a profit for the first time after years of operation."

BFBLHR Director, Rachel Burns, as well as other BFBLHR partners and board members were guests on WHRV - local NPR affiliate - program, HearSay with Cathy Lewis.

Executive Director, Rachel Burns and Farm to Feast Week Chair, Tanya Banks are interviewed on The Hampton Roads show regarding Farm to Feast Week: 

By: Fox 43

"According to Jo Ann Hofheimer, a conversation in April 2009 about sourcing food for a supper club featuring local cuisine sparked a grassroots campaign to help connect consumers to locally grown and produced cuisine."

Jo Ann Hofheimer


BFBLHR was a participant in Jack Johnson's "All At Once" tour, which raises money for local charities. We created this video, which was posted on the All At Once website. Everytime the video was viewed, Jack Johnson's foundation donated $1 to BFBLHR. In November BFBLHR was gifted $2500 by the All At Once Foundation.


Nine restaurants in Hampton Roads are taking part this week in Farm-to-Feast week, an event by the local chapter of "Buy Fresh, Buy Local."

"It's an introduction for people who don't really know what this is all about, an opportunity to sample and maybe start thinking about how they're eating and where their food is coming from," explains event spokeswoman Tanya Banks.

"Grab your forks (and napkins, please). The second Farm to Feast Week has commenced at local restaurants.

The first one was such a success that the tables are once again set due to popular demand."

"Volunteers, restaurant owners and farmers are highlighting locally produced food during Farm to Feast Week, Monday through next Sunday.

The event is coordinated by Buy Fresh Buy Local Hampton Roads, a volunteer group dedicated to increasing awareness of locally grown food."

"Today, a new not-for-profit group will unveil buying guides for consumers seeking local farm and seafood products and restaurants that serve them. The free Buy Fresh Buy Local fall food guide will provide information on farmers markets, farms offering produce subscriptions, vineyards, and retailers of fresh, local fruit, vegetables, seafood, beef and poultry."

"Scott Wilson took me on a tour of his family’s farm, and after he explained the natural farming principles that Full Quiver Farm is built on, we discussed the philosophy of our food choices, and the lifestyle that follows."

"A major topic that was brought up was the fact that simply asking your local restaurants and super market managers “Where’s this produce from?” cantruly make a difference."

"By now, just about everyone who cares even a little about food knows that using local ingredients is a good thing - good for the environment, good for the farmers, good for local businesses, good for your taste buds."

"But overall, what we do is make food choices consciously. When Buy Fresh, Buy Local encouraged us to list our farm in its beautiful, colorful publication, I became aware that there are many sources of local foods in Hampton Roads, many more than I realized."

"Buy Fresh, Buy Local" is a trend seen all over the Valley and the Commonwealth, and hundreds of Virginia farmers are meeting at the Virginia Farm Bureau Federation Convention to discuss keeping that trend for years to come.

Buy Fresh Buy Local Hampton Roads was featured in the Cover Story of the April 2010 issue of Hampton Roads Magazine in an article, "Farm Fresh"