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PO Box 11678
Norfolk, VA 23517

Lucky Duck Landing Farms


Fresh Free Range Chicken Meat & Eggs. No hormones, pesticides, antibiotics, MSG or steroids, just plain good healthy chicken. We feed our chickens high protein all natural crickets and a specially designed corn mix & a vegetable mix. These feeds enhance the quality of the meat making the juiciest, tastiest  chicken! Each chicken is packaged in a heat shrink plastic bag for a fabulous presentation, ready for the oven. Chickens are processed throughout the year and available quick frozen everyday. Or, for the freshest chicken, you can order in advance and pickup the day we process. 

We offer horseback riding lesson.  We also sell Orchard/Timothy Squares and rounds, and alfalfa squares.  The farm is open Monday-Friday, 8-4:30pm, every day.

3612 West Neck Road Virginia Beach, VA 23456